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Civil Process Flows

Process Serving

  1. Client completes case to be filed. Forms can be found on our File & Serve page.
  2. Client files case with court or with GLCS through our File & Serve program.
  3. Cases are then delivered to GLCS from plaintiff directly or through our couriers. If cases are being retrieved using our courier, then the plaintiff must notify court they would like to use GLCS for service.
  4. Once retrieved, cases are delegated to one of our countless process servers. First attempts are made within the first 48 hours and have a 80% serve rate in the first week.
  5. Once the case has been served to the defendant a proof of service affidavit is generated.
  6. One copy of the proof of service is delivered to the client and one to the court.
  7. Once the court receives the proof of service they can proceed with the hearing.

Judgement Collection

  1. Request and Order To Seize must be signed and approved.
  2. Plaintiffs may request to have GLCS pre-research judgement before sending case.
  3. Once plaintiff is ready to act, they send GLCS the judgement with any additional information regarding the defendant and their assets.
  4. Research team performs deep search in preparation for the Court Officer.
  5. Court officer receives case and begins attempting collect on debt. They will have 90 days to collect on the order.
  6. After the order is collected on, remits will be sent to plaintiff once a week every Thursday.

Landlord-Tenant & Eviction

  1. Landlord or Plaintiff must post notice to quit at address.
  2. They then must file the summons, complaint, and demand for possession with the court.
  3. Either the court or the plaintiff delivers documents to GLCS by arrangement.
  4. GLCS Process Servers serve the Landlord-Tenant papers.
  5. The court hearing is held and a judgement is given.
  6. As long as the defendants have stayed past the judgement date the process may continue.
  7. Writ of eviction is filed with the court. They are then signed by the judge fairly quickly.
  8. GLCS Deputy receives signed writ and schedules for the eviction.
  9. 24 Hours prior to the eviction the Deputy will post a 24-hour last minute eviction notice as a discretionary.
  10. The eviction is held and the Deputy and their team clears out the unit.