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Pre-payment is required prior to any attempt on the case.

We are not a law firm so we cannot offer legal advice pertaining to the specifics of a case.

Four attempts, including a morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend. A notarized proof of service and or non-service affidavit of due diligence. As well as mileage to and from the courthouse to the address of which we will attempt (Out of state filing is additional cost). We also charge for GPS location and a picture of the address.

Unfortunately, we do not serve every case. Sometimes the defendant will not open their door and accept service (we cannot make them). In this circumstance we use our due diligence in the first four attempts to gather information proving the defendant truly lives at that address. From there we create a non-serve affidavit and request for alternate service. Once the alternate service request is approved, we can post the case to the defendant’s door and fulfills the service requirement.

No, our servers make the state required attempts due diligently using their time and resources.

No, our servers make the state required attempts due diligently using their time and resources.

We can attempt to serve them, but we cannot force anyone to answer the door, and or confirm their identity.

It generally takes 24 hours for our office staff to close out the case after it has left the server’s hand. Once this is done the server must sign the document stating what was done and then it can be given to the client.

A rush case is any case that we receive that has an expiration date less than 3 weeks (21 days) from the day we receive said case. Contact office immediately and we can arrange for service.

Yes. We can send automatic email notifications for your case.

When a judgement has occurred from your case there are a couple of things you can do. You can file for a request for garnishment or a request to seize property. Both of these have a 21-day waiting period from the signing date. Once filed, the court will issue a writ “order” which will then need to be sent to us.

If any additional information is accessible, we would greatly appreciate it. Contact the office by phone or email and it will help aide us in service in a timely manner.