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Data Research

GLCS Research Team

Need professional research done on your case before you file? We are here to help!

We have access to various in-depth databases not typically available to the general public. We utilize this data every minute with our research team searching for people, addresses, and assets. Gain access to the most comprehensive data available.

Want to know just how good we are?

We even provide real-time searching to our countless Process Servers and Court Officers to deliver the fastest results.

Other companies will charge $20-$35 per search. Not us as this is a cornerstone to the GLCS brand. We are the best at finding people, assets, and places and cherish the opportunity to demonstrate this to all of our clients.

Batch Scrubbing

Send a name or Social Security number, and we’ll utilize batch scrubbing tactics to find and generate a spreadsheet of target information such as vehicles, real property, and in some cases employment information.

Need a batch scrub for a nonconventional use? We have you covered. With our vast database available, we are able to cater to all of your possible research needs. Contact us today and we can begin the search!

Need A Search Performed? Here Are The Types Of Searches We Are Able To Perform.

Property Research Services

        • Property History
        • Verification of Occupants,
        • Tenants, and Vehicles
        • Housed Condition
        • (exterior) and Number of Vehicles
        • Photography of Property
        • Property Checks



Public Records Searches

        • Surname
        • Change of Address
        • Social Security
        • Real Property
        • Marriage
        • Business Record
        • Criminal / Civil
        • Address Update
        • Verification of Addresses