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For most process serving companies, an LT case is just a posting on the door. With us, it’s more than that. We work aggressively to achieve personal service and a rapid turnaround on all of the landlord tenancy that we serve. The entire eviction process has been exceedingly more sensitive lately. Know that we are here for you every step of the way as treating Landlords and their Tenants with ethicality is of great importance.

Why We Take Landlord-Tenants As Seriously As You

Officially, the posting of the 7-day notice to quit begins the Landlord-Tenant/Eviction process. As this is the landlord’s duty, GLCS takes first action when the case is sent to us to be served. We recognize that not only does each Property Management Company/Landlord have varying timelines, but individual courts do as well. Since the entire process has shown to come with a lot of…baggage, in recent history, we endlessly fight to make sure that these varying deadlines are met and our operations are flawless. This not only gives you reassurance, but added protection to your invested assets. 

  1. Landlord or Plaintiff must post notice to quit at address.
  2. They then must file the summons, complaint, and demand for possession with the court.
  3. Either the court or the plaintiff delivers documents to GLCS by arrangement.
  4. GLCS Process Servers serve the Landlord-Tenant papers.
  5. The court hearing is held and a judgement is given.
  6. As long as the defendants have stayed past the judgement date the process may continue.
  7. Writ of eviction is filed with the court. They are then signed by the judge fairly quickly.
  8. GLCS Deputy receives signed writ and schedules for the eviction.
  9. 24 Hours prior to the eviction the Deputy will post a 24-hour last minute eviction notice as a discretionary.
  10. The eviction is held and the Deputy and their team clears out the unit.

Next Day Service

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Hesitant On Switching Process Servers?

Do not be afraid of the onboarding process to switch to GLCS Landlord-Tenant serving! We offer trial periods at your discretion to get a taste of the speed and accuracy you have been wanting for so long. Be sure to contact us directly if you have questions about individual and bulk rates as well as testing out our LT Service operation.